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40 year old Miltonduff from Adelphi

Introducing our most aged bottle - available now for you to try. Ask for the Adelphi Miltonduff 40 year old - or try some of the others from our fine range from the distillery.

The George Hotel Bar Manager, Ivan commented that "Adelphi are one of the best independent bottlers in Scotland for selecting stunning casks and delivering great liquid."

"The bottles are a range between peated and unpeated single casks matured in both bourbon and sherry casks which covers a lot of flavour profiles - suiting basically every whisky drinker. And by bottling single casks they ensure the drinkers get their whisky straight from the cask without chill filtration, artifical colouring and dilution."

"The 40yo Miltonduff, which is now available from the bar at The George Hotel, delivers a fruity note alongside that classic elegance that can only be achieved by decades in a cask. It's the perfect dram for a special occassion."


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